Multi - Shaft Disperser MSD Series


 MSD Series



  • Designed for dispersion or mixing of different rheology behaviour exhibiting products like paint, ink, putty, adhesive and polymer.
  • Typically handles viscosity up to 500,000cP.
  • Ideal for high viscosity product which demands heavy duty and rugged construction.
  • Precisely engineered for vibration free and low noise operation for big batch production.
  • The hydraulic lift and swing mechanism available for usage of single or multiple tanks.
  • Vacuum dispersion or mixing is available on request.
  • Available in fixed speed or frequency inverter driven variable speed.
  • Built with tested and proven quality parts and components.
  • Suitable for installation and operation in Hazardous Area Zone 1 Classification or Safe Area.
  • ATEX compliance to II 2GD c IIB T3 is available on request.