Our Profile


IEC Plant Engineering Sdn Bhd has been manufacturing a wide range of high quality Dispersion, Grinding and Mixing Equipment for Paint, Ink, Chemical, Adhesive and Polymer industries.

To meet the varied processing requirements of the industries, our equipment is available in either standard or custom designs.

Our commitment to the demanding needs of our customers has enabled us to develop and manufacture equipment that is efficient, reliable, safe, user-friendly and cost effective.

With our years of experience, sound technical know-how and proven capabilities, we have also undertaken numerous Turnkey Design and Build projects for Paint and Ink industries.

Our well equipped manufacturing facilities backed by a team of skilled work force and qualified engineers are able to serve the most demanding requirement and innovation of the industries.

Today, we are recognized as a leading Paint and Ink Production Equipment manufacturer in Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

With the incorporation of IEC+ s.r.l., we have brought into our fold 35 years of technical know-how and expanded our manufacturing capacity as well as our after sales support. IEC+ s.r.l. is strategically positioned to serve European, African, Russian and Latin American regions.



Our Aim


  • To Maintain The Leading Position In The Industry That We Serve
  • On Time Delivery At All Times
  • Zero Manufacturing And Workmanship Defect
  • Respond Within 24 Hours After Sales Support
  • Total Customer Satisfaction.



Our Assurance


  • Continuous Product Research and Development
  • Manufacture High Quality and Reliable Equipment at Competitive Price
  • Professional and Ethical Business Practices
  • Actively Participate In Low Carbon Footprint Initiatives